New Project! So Danco Samba

*** Deadline of Noon Sun 13th September please ***

As we still can’t physically be together, we have put together another opportunity to be in a Virtual Choir.

As before, you just need 2 electronic devices. One to watch a video on and sing along, and another to video yourself while you are singing along.

The videos are for each of the 4 parts SATB for So Danco Samba, and include the music and your parts.

Please wear headphones to listen and sing so that we get just you singing on your video recording, without the backing track.

It should be fun, so please have a go! I’m here to help, so email if you need any assistance.

The snippets in the video are summer themed! So, a bit of video of a BBQ, a Foo-foo drink, a mocktail (or cocktail) and just enjoying the sun (if it decides to come back!) would be fabulous.

Please just record and send me something, even if you would rather not sing! The more the merrier!

Please film with your camera or phone HORIZONTAL as it makes it easier to edit together.

There’s a short film of what to do. Click Here: FilmOfWhatToDo

So Danco Samba practice track videos to listen and sing along with: